New beginnings, a new normal. Is September the new January?

Do you feel inspired to turn over a new leaf this September or is it just me? This September seems to be a great time for a fresh start, new resolutions and a chance to make a change for the better. 

After six months at home, it feels like lockdown is finally being lifted in our house with the children returning to school. What better way is there to think about new beginnings than to feel inspired to reflect and re-establish our priorities. I have time to think about how this ‘new normal’ will affect me personally and professionally and get used to having some time to be able to focus on me.

September is traditionally a month for new beginnings, life settles into a routine, holidays and the lazy days of summer are over, the days are shorter and nights are cooler. From a young age we are programmed to accept new starts from September with the beginning of the school year- everything starts here, new pencil case, new uniform and very shiny school shoes, exciting times for most but change can also be very scary, especially as we have been at home for so long.

Let’s make September a time for self-evaluation and reflection. To make it clear what is important to us and perhaps focus on what needs some attention. This could be a relationship, our health, some more self-care, a new job, or just some simple reorganisation of priorities. For me simply returning to comfortable or ‘normal’ routines that give predictability to the days and weeks ahead makes me feel happy.

With a change in routine and more time for reflection it is important to be aware that things that have been troubling you, stuff that you may have put to the back of your mind may spring back to your immediate thoughts. Maybe it is time for some self-care and counselling can help you re-establish what’s important to you, and manage the issues that are causing you anxiety.

Make September exciting and do the things you want to do, maybe you could: Gain a new skill, Form a new habit, or finishing something important to you.  

So by thinking of this September as a time of new beginning it can bring a sense of anticipation. Everything feels fresh.  It’s an opportunity we don’t dare to waste!

So what is your September resolution? 

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